Linen exterior finish

The 3 available hull colours match with the bio-sourced materials, such as linen and cork, which have been selected to fit in your MODX 70 catamaran.
Complementing a innovative and modern design, your choice of colour will turn your yacht into a noticeable and unique object.

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Discover our 3 «Owner» configurations

Each owner package align with a specific interior layout and a dedicated operational mode.


A personalised and custom layout to meet your needs and desires.

To complement your private yachting experience, optional packages for logistical and maintenance support, as well as remote technical assistance are also available.


An ideal mix between a private use of your yacht, where you want when you want and a commercial operation under licensed management.

This model covers 100% of all running and maintenance costs, including an all year round support of a captain and a crew.


A proposal dedicated to owners, foundations or corporations committed to act for ocean preservation.

This package combines the eco-charter features with your involvement into scientific eco-expeditions. 100% of logistics, maintenance and crew costs are covered by the eco-charter operation.