Strongly rooted in our team’s DNA is the passion for innovation, technology and performance combined with an acute awareness of the environmental impact of yachting on the oceans and the planet. Resolving this apparent contradiction to create an environmentally positive yachting experience requires an open mind and the ability to gather multiple and diverse expertise around an ambitious project redefining tomorrow’s yachting standards.


For centuries, travel and discovery have been a driving force for explorers. However, like most human endeavors, traveling, by definition, requires energy. From the origin of sea travel, the wind has always been the main source of energy, then replaced by fossil fuel driven engines delivering vast amount of power and flexibility but at a huge cost for the environment.
Innovation and a combination of technologies allow us today to conceive an endless journey, harvesting the natural power of the sun and the wind, turning it into on-demand energy.
MODX 70 is designed to be the first energy self-generating yacht, capable of endless travel at zero CO2 emission.

Bio-sourced material and Made in France

At Océan Développement, we consider that innovation has to strike the right balance between technology and common sense. In that spirit, from day one, the design of the MODX integrated bio sourced material such as linen fibers, cork (a CO2 positive material), a 38% bio-sourced epoxy resin and a PET foam integrating 30% of recycled components. Local and regional sourcing and manufacturing is also key in our model to keep the impact of the manufacturing process has low as possible.


The central focus of our thought process is the need to reduce the carbon emissions in both the production cycle and the yacht life cycle. The ultimate goal is to produce a yacht operating with no fossil fuels and designed to carry its self-generating energy capabilities.
Achieving this requires a lot of technology driven innovations but it will also come with a conscious change in behavior of the crew and passengers.


At Océan Développement we are convinced that performance in yachting has a lot to do with technology and innovation, but can only be sustainable if it comes with a high degree of involvement and sensitivity to environmental issues of all actors of the chain.
From the occasional sailor to the professional chartering organisation, every party must imagine and embrace new behaviours to contribute in creating a new era of our sport, a blue version of yachting.


To achieve the actual impact we seek, we are convinced that it is key to gather around our project an ecosystem of partners and suppliers which share our values and our vision of creating a sustainable yachting experience.
Beyond the design and construction processes, we engage in an innovative business model, which provides the tools for our clients to be aware of their energy consumption and act on it, in other words to act for the environment.