An inflatable, retractable and automated wing system
Inspired by the theory of aeronautical airfoils applied to marine vessel propulsion.

Aeroforce, Official provider of the MODX 70


1. Inflatable technology

The inflatable envelope technology is the key to create the required NACA profile while allowing for the wing retractability. The patented technical fabrics ensure that the envelope remains air-tight and rigid enough at low pressures to maintain the profile and therefore achieve the required performances.

2. Retractable mast and balestron

The telescopic and motorized carbon fiber mast is designed to automatically come up wile the wing is inflated and to then retract entirely in the space available in the hull. The balestron host the deflated wing and can be custom designed to meet the vessel specifics.

3. Automation

All mast and wing movements, ups and downs, as well as the wing and flap controls while sailing are mechanized and automated. This automation is key to the system accessibility and to the propulsion performances.

4. Connected

The automation integrates a remote access module, which allows for visualization of all the yacht parameters and if required for remote control and maintenance operations.

Performances and accessibility

The goal of the Aeroforce wing system is to make the aeronautical performances of thick airfoil profiles (NACA) available for the yachting ecosystem. The integration of a controllable flap increases significantly the range of acceptable wind forces and the wing propulsion performances.

Early design integration

Our design office is available to look into your potential projects and integration of an Aeroforce wing system into your yacht design.

Inflatable – Retractable – Automated

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Jean Guyon

CEO Aeroforce